Strategic Advising

Before any financial operation, we work on defining the strategy in order to achieve a coherence in the project. Our interventions hinge on four areas of expertise : 

  • Defining and structuring the business model

  • Challenging and validating the economic model

  • Defining the impact model and the overall performance

  • Assessing the company's financial and intangible valuation 

Alliances & Partnerships

We leverage our clients' know-how by setting up strategic partnerships :

  • Negotiation of Startup / Corporation business protocol

  • Deployment of association strategy

  • Identification of international partners

  • Transfer of technologies or patents' licensing

Corporate Finance

We restructure the capital of our clients according to a specific methodology in the following types of operations : 

  • Association

  • Fundraising

  • Merger / Acquisition

  • Majority and minority share acquisition

Financial Engineering

We develop and implement alternative financial engineering solutions to facilitate the financing of innovative industries :

  • Structuring Asset Companies 

  • CAPEX financing strategies

  • Debt financing and refinancing

  • Implementing leasing solutions 

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