Mission statement.

We conduct strategic and financial operations to spread and accelerate innovations that contribute to Sustainable Development and Health Improvements.


​Placing economy and corporate finance at the heart of social and environmental transitions :​

  • Identifying innovative companies that make sustainability their mission in order to bring them closer to a conventional financial system and an established economy.

  • Structuring their approaches, their ambitions and accompanying them in the evolution of their capital to deploy their innovations more widely. 

  • Spreading impact economy by carrying out fair corporate financial operations. 


Ethics, Proximity and Independence are the strong values ​​that guide our business relationships

They feed our awareness of the stakes of our missions and the professionalism needed to achieve them. 


We select our clients for their potential to create shared value and to fit into the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We systematically ask the question of the societal value of the companies we support. We conduct extra-financial analyzes and define the indicators for measuring the impact of their development. 

We collect those data to build an observatory of startups, with the aim of assessing the companies' impact and therefore that of our support (Impact Observer).

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